The AGACC-II project has been kicked off on 15 December 2010, and will finish 31st of March 2015.

It is a successor of AGACC, which was also financed by the Belgian Science Policy Office, between 2006 and 2010.

Complementary expertise and instrumentation available at the four partners’ institutes are brought together to further advance ground-based atmospheric remote sensing techniques. We measure several compounds that are present in the atmosphere (greenhouse gases, aerosols, trace gases, ozone precursors).

These measurement techniques are:

  • Brewer
  • Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometry
  • Sun photometry
  • Aerosol lidar (ceilometer)
  • In-situ instruments (if complementary funding is obtained) for the characterization of aerosol at the surface.

The observation sites included in the project are :

Site Situation
Ukkel 50.5°N, 4°E Ukkel
Jungfraujoch 46.5°N, 8°E Jungfraujoch
Ile de La Réunion 21°S, 55°E Reunion

3°S, 29°E

Other research activities are:

  • Laboratory experiments to support the field observations and to support international spectroscopic databases.
  • Modeling exercises for an enhanced interpretation of the measurements.