The AGACC-II project has started in December 2010. Continuous measurements are ongoing above Ukkel, La Réunion and Jungfraujoch by the partner institutes. We are preparing a collaboration with University of Bujumbura in order to install a MAXDOAS instrument there, probably end of 2012. 

Planned campaigns

Several campaigns are already planned:

Ukkel: A campaign with all instruments together is planned. We will combine the data from the different instruments, and from the CIMEL sun photometer, to characterize the aerosol load above Ukkel.

La Réunion: It is foreseen to make the link between the historical and present data in the midinfrared spectral range and the new data in the near-infrared, by having a campaign with simultaneous measurements in both spectral ranges at Ile de La Réunion. The results of this campaign will be used to support the interpretation of the historical and current greenhouse gas measurements at Ile de La Réunion and the Jungfraujoch.